China has 10 nuclear bomb carrying a missile test | Here is complete report

China's nuclear power is increasing rapidly

China tested a missile that can carry a 10 nuclear warhead. China’s nuclear power is seen as a signal of major changes. Trump in the US administration before the demonstration of China’s potential military capabilities can be viewed as.

US officials had seen
the Washington Free Beacon reported missile test last month, the DF-5C. This missile with nuclear warhead test was a close eye on the US intelligence agencies.

Equipped with ten dummy nuclear warhead missile Dangfeng -5 C Taiyuan in Shanxi province was launched from Space Launch Center, which spilled in the desert in West China. The DF-5 intercontinental ballistic missile missile is a new version which came into service in the early 1980s.

The report quoted Pentagon spokesman Commander Gary Ross said: “The MoD routinely monitoring Chinese military activities.” US earlier decades, the number of China’s nuclear warhead in Sstragr giving expression was estimated to be 250, but with the recent report of the ten warhead test indicated that China’s existing nuclear weapons are far more in number can.

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