Donald Trump Take Drugs Which Has Made Him Like This | Read Complete News

The US president has revealed shocking about Donald Trump. Long day, his doctor told a newspaper that Trump name drug finasteride take small doses. The finasteride or Propecia is a medicine which is used in the treatment of baldness in men.

The doctor who exposed Harold N. Börnstein. He said that the world was not aware of that yet manages to trump the drug.

You will be shocked to learn side effects of taking the drug. Yes, experts say the longer consumed when the mental confusion and sex life affects.

Trump’s drug safe there
, according to a report in Men’s Journal, finasteride quite a side effects and these are an even more dangerous drug. They are often people who have consumed Depression, Insomnia, brain fog, and thoughts of suicide are complaining of discomfort in sex.

The maker of the drug since 2011 on more than 1,245 complaints have been registered. People alleged that the company’s sexual and mental side effects of this drug have not.

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