Finally Jayalalithaa “Mystery of Death” Reveled In Front Of Everyone | Read Complete News

Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa’s death ended the suspense by Doctor Richard Bell has made it clear that her death was caused by organ Fear. Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu over the death were many rumors and speculation.

She died two months later at the press conference in Chennai, the British doctor Richard Bell of her death, which he is due to be cleaned. Bell doctor treating her at the Apollo was in touch with the team were doing.

Dr. Bell said she was a patient of severe Daybtij went and he was a victim of a serious infection. As a result, his body organs stopped and went to his death. He said it was a very complicated matter, it is not a conspiracy of some sort.

She did not release any pictures during the treatment of the question of the doctor and Bell said it was against the rules to do so we did not order. When a patient is in serious condition and issuing her with a photograph of her privacy is encroached.

Dr Bell said Bitris better than our team, she was given better treatment. She said she had serious bacterial infection in the blood, which has spread to parts of the body with blood. Which led to him began to breathe.

She Tronsplateshn any kind during the treatment nor a cure has not taken any CCTV footage that went because it was against the rules. Ramesh said he had a heart attack and the doctor was present and tried to revive them immediately went but could not be saved.

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