Have You Notice Why This Little Dots Are Made In Elevator Buttons?


There are many things in our life which we see daily, But we usually fail to notice what is the secret behind that thing. Similarly one of this is little dots below the number or letter in Elevator Buttons. Today we will reveal the secret behind this secret. What’s the hidden meaning behind it? and why it is used?

Any Assumption/Guess?


The correct answer is, it is a Braille language.


braille language

This is a special type of language made for Blind peoples and this language was created in 1824 by Louis Braille. Braille name came after the creator of it, He lost his eyesight at the age of just 15 and he decided to make a special language by which all blind people can easily understand by any kind of blind people. This is made by embossing dots on paper or any other type of display.

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