Your iPhone Has This Hidden Feature And You Have No Idea


iPhone IOS 9 has come with many new features and it has made our lives easy. There are many features we don’t know whether it is there or not. Some changes which iPhone got with IOS 9 is a 6-code password, disabling all the vibrations, new Siri features, and many more changes… Wait, what, you didn’t know? So let’s see what is that feature.

 Everyone Knows How To Set Up iPhone Wallpaper, Right?

iPhone wallpaper

Either it’s a dynamic or a still photo


Have you ever notice these two options below?

iPhone live

If you set a wallpaper on still mode…

iPhone still

After applying Still wallpaper then lock your iPhone, the image won’t move if you move your iPhone to and fro slowly.

If you set the wallpaper in ‘Perspective’ mode…

iPhone Perspective

and lock your iPhone, the image would shift according to the perspective or the direction you move you iPhone moves.

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