This Question Is Going Viral On Internet, Do You Have It’s Answer?


There are lot’s of question asked daily in Quora and some of them are very tricky to answer it. One of them is in the above given picture and it is going viral over the internet. I have it answers, But first, try it by yourself.

Use Your Mind.


Have You Got Your Answer?


Okay, Here Is The Answer.


Correct Answer is “Sulphur“.

Here is the complete explanation of the answer. Sulphur has a specific gravity of 2 which means that if we weight 2KG of sulphur in water then we will see only 1KG as the answer because of its hydrophobic nature which means it does not dissolve in water and also because of buoyancy force.

When we burn the Sulphur in the presence of Oxygen on a one-to-one basis, it will weigh 1.5 times as much; that means 2kg will weigh 3kg.

But, we still have some confusion with the Burn condition of sulphur. If you have its correct answer then please comment below and help your fellow buddies to get their answer.

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