Shirdi Sai Baba Donation Does Not Affect By Demonetization | People Donate 403 Crores

Are pleased to say that the man, filling his bag not skimp God take no. However, if God is not behind the man when it comes to living sacrifice. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in 2016 was 403 million offering of Rs 75 lakh. These offerings come from different mediums. 2015 when compared to 10 million in 2016 was more offerings. Obviously Notbandi days did not have the Sai Baba temple offerings.

Shirdi Sai temple trustees said Sachin copper in 2015 compared to 393 million in 2016 to Rs 403.75 crore for the offering was offering. Sai Baba devotees in the calendar year of 2016, a bill to charity, donation counters, online, via credit card Debit- total of Rs 258 crore 42 lakh offered the offerings. The offering is deposited in the account, the interest received Rs 125 crore 95 lakh.

Sai Baba is also an increase in the offering of silver and gold. In 2016, gold and silver jewelery worth Rs 8 crore was offering. In 2015, only 7 million of gold and silver jewelery worth Rs 18 lakh were found. When it comes to foreign from 47 countries in 2016, Sai Baba was the offering of 9 million to 8 million. The offerings of Rs 7 crore 48 lakh in 2015 came from abroad.

A year ago, 10 million more than the offerings from Sai Baba Temple Notbandi prove that PSI’s decision did not affect the bill. 371 kg of gold and 4,340 kg of silver in the vault of the PSI is. The Rs 1826 crore in different nationalized banks Bakon are collected as fixed deposits.

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